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Caroline Morris

You are right in that we choose how we see the world. I had two family members that were at each end of the line, one chose to see the good in everyone and every situation while the other looked for the opposite. One of them lived a very much happier life even though her good nature was sometimes taken advantage of.

Have you tried knitting the thumb inside out?


Have you tried knitting the thumb in one color? Does it really need to be stranded and will it be comfortable to wear if so? SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!! I am trying to choose to be happy, too. Expectations can make one unhappy as they are not met in most circumstances (especially by others or by uncontrollable situations). Making a choice to flow around the barrier can make the life smoother, therefore happier. (As I see it.)

Cheryl S.

Choice is an excellent word. Happy blogiversary!


I love that description of your friend pausing and saying, it's a choice. I think that's so true of so much and I love that you have chosen (see what I did there?) it for your word. I do wish you'd blog more often but I also know it's your ... choice! LOL


HEY! Why did it take me 10 days to see this?? Harrumph. You are good to blog for us.

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