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Caroline Morris

I don't think you can force joy, it comes when it will. I tried thinking positively, being thankful but the solution was to move past the grim time. Time, the great healer and all that.


I think flow is perfect, it allows for all sorts of emotions and activities. XOXO


A blog post?!?! Wow, I did get a Valentine's present this year - thank you!

And for what it's worth, your spindle-spun trials are why I wind off onto two cardboard spools. Life is hard enough without believing in alleged Fancy Plying Methods.


You brought me joy with this post!
Flow is a wonderful word for daily life. Flow while you're creating in the kitchen, flow in knitting, flow as you move your body, and flow as you move from one to the other of the various steps of the day. Flow is a state of mind. Flow into the present.(IMO) :)

Cheryl S.

Last year was definitely tough! Flow is an excellent goal for 2022. Hope you achieve it often.

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