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I finished the pound of BFL! And I'm leaving it as singles to size and weave with, so ... DONE.

Can you explain why, if we're all spending more time at home, we (I) are not churning through the stash more quickly?


That's a LOT of plying! I think we've all fallen down at SPA and bought fiber on a whim and then discovered it's not something we love to spin. You will prevail, though.

Caroline Morris

My mother is 87 and she needs me so I live under a rock. I used to spin, like knitting and weaving I just can't be bothered at the moment. I have no enthusiasm for anything. This too will pass.

Margene Smith

Your time at home as been well spent. Pictures of wool are necessary! I leave the house to pick up groceries that someone else has pulled from the shelves for me. The bookstore has curbside no contact pick up, as does the library, and the tea shop. I see my baker about once a week. I am careful. Smith is as careful as he can be. I miss you!

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