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Elaine in NYC

Great video! I must admit it made my eyes moisten just a little. I have UFOs which could use attention, but my newly cast on project compels.


You can't think of anything to cast on?!? OK, now I'm worried. Post three yarn choices from stash. Solicit suggestions. Choose. Or pull a random number. Or whittle down suggestions by what needles/brain power/whatever you have handy.

Or, you know, get that bossy Muse of yours to tell you what to do. She's good at telling people what to do, I'm told.

Caroline Morris

I started some thumb down mittens for no other reason than they used leftovers that I hadn't put away. It's not as if I don't have a queue of patterns and tubs of yarn, it just takes too much thinking to put the two together.


That was pretty wonderful. I am hooked on sweaters. Nearly finished with Stowe Away. I should be working on samples but haven’t a lot of faith that there will be shows for us this year.

Margene Smith

Isn't it wonderful all the amazingly creative artists sharing their talents (and updating them to todays realities!) on You Tube? I barely knit. I must be "doing" in order to keep the brain quiet.


Love that video! This lockdown has somehow given me permission to cast on anything that catches my fancy with no regard for purpose of the eventual objet d'knit. I just look at my stash and something leaps out at me.


So lovely to see this tonight - I hope you and yours are doing okay overall.

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