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What, I am the first commenter? Probably because everyone else is sleeping off their Easter dinner.

I am getting the treasurer records in order for the four entities that I am treasurer of (retired CPA, it's what I do) in case I succumb to the virus. It is the least I can do for the survivors (assuming there are any).


Where’s he wine line? Mine would be like the coffee, but higher.


Thank you for the reminder about not paying attention to the nonmedical opinions that the news loves to share. And that chart says it all. Stay well, my friend, and enjoy the good wine.


That chart is a hoot! And so true! (Agree with Marcia...)

Caroline Morris

Here the only thing that's stopping that coffee line rocketing is an eye on the milk supply.


You are always the voice of reason. I am exploring food delivery and/or pickup via apps. So yes, internet. The lines at the liquor stores are looong, but I have a good whiskey stash (and Smith has beer). I can listen to a book and knit (good escape), but when writing letters I can't get my thoughts to come together. Cleaning and laundry have upped in importance if only for something productive to do. xox


Well, isn’t that the truth!
Late last week, I woke up to the realization that this will be the long haul. New skills are required. I strongly advise that Now is the time to strap on your pearls, ladies! And, btw, pearls go very well with sweat pants.





Indeed. It resonated.


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