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Caroline Morris

I'm pretty sure that I will have dressed the loom and reached the end of the eight yard warp before this shows any signs of getting any better. Today I'll cope with today's troubles and then tomorrow I'll sort tomorrow's.

I firmly believe that science will save us but we have to give it the time to do that.


I've been hoping you would blog because I respect your opinion and I've been worried about you. We are staying home other than a trip to the grocery store every other week - the last time I went was 3/19 and I probably need to go either today or tomorrow - and I go to the closed library once a week to do the payroll and bills. I don't understand people who are still living their life as if nothing has changed.

Elaine in NYC

I was also hoping to see a blog entry. Staying in more is not such a sacrifice when you think about the consequences. Drinking extra water while staying home is not a bad idea, either. People don’t realize the risk of dehydration when the heat is on. Stay safe and make sure to carve out some daily knitting time.


Thank you for your blog post of information. May you and your family stay well.


Thanks for posting...was pretty sure you would eventually! I have a doozy of a story for you but will put it in an email.


Knitting as i can. Hydrating for sure. Not sad to be alone but not happy w projected duration.


Judy Jacobs

I am very happy to see you popping up here. I'll miss our biyearly show visits. When this is over... We chose to hunker down where we have a working oven and a washing machine. Seemed an easy choice. I feel so fortunate to be in an area where I can be outdoors and well away fro others. We've been thinking of both of you.


Spending all this time inside the house. bleh Thank goodness we have places to walk and breath fresh air. Our neighbors are happy with a distant wave and a hollered hello. Having all this time for reading, knitting, etc. just isn't all that fun. I miss my people and my constant going and doing. But, I am staying in, and being grateful for all that I have and finding new things to explore within these walls. xo

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