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I have a solution to the social undistancers, like the ones I have encountered on my walks around the neighborhood. In the words of Teddy R, carry a big stick. I do t go out now without a sturdy walking stick that Terry bought in Yellowstone NP. When needed, it can be held as a lance for oncoming undistancers, or out to the side to maintain the distance. Also helps going up hills!


I lose my sense of smell every time I get a bad cold, I don't for a second think that means I've had COVID-19. I did make masks for Dale and I. I particularly like the concept of my mask protects you, your mask protects me. Hang in there, my friend, you're in my thoughts constantly.

Elaine in NYC

Love the idea of a lance for those idiots who won’t keep their distance. I learned about droplet infection in high school biology, about 58 years ago, fercryinoutloud! Why is this so hard for people to comprehend? (End of rant.)

Caroline Morris

The first in the yoga search was "yoga for the inflexible". How does it know?


Thank you for keeping us updated with the realities of this situation. You and Mr E are constantly in our thoughts and in our conversation. And, you're deep in our hearts. xo


Our older son is a family practice doc with the IHS on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico. They have had two deaths, both people who were on dialysis, but there will inevitably be more. The Zuni tend to live together with their extended family; many people in the same house increases risk of infection. Son called a couple weekends ago to get his younger brother's social security number; he was updating the beneficiaries on his retirement accounts. Hope for the best but plan for the worst

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