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Cheryl S.

That does NOT look fun to knit with. But it looks very, very soft.


She blogs again! Brightened up MY day! I can’t believe you are knitting a raccoon, in acrylic, but stranger things have happened....


That cowl sounds like a nightmare but the payoff will be worth it, I hope! Enjoy the last day of our 3 day weekend!

Elaine in NYC

Aha! You blogged not on a Tuesday. I’d expect frustration with the cowl. The warmth will probably be worth the teeth-gnashing. I saw an interesting yarn at VKL this weekend called Furaz. There is rabbit fur combined with the wool. Expensive and possibly too warm.


You cowl does look raccoon like, but then should be warm and worth all the hassle. We do what we must for warmth and fashion and, in the end, this one will look very chic.

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