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Elaine in NYC

You are most assuredly not the last one for “Outlander.” Just sayin’.


I actually have a signed, leather-bound edition of Outlander......


Who has time to read fiction? There are weaving books to get through, first.


That weaving prep sounds like a PITA. I have faith that you will conquer it, handshaking all the way.


Sometimes I feel like weaving is a different language! I do look forward to seeing photos of the weaving you have done. Just sayin.


No matter what you have to say (or in whatever language) we will be waiting for the next post. I do not understand weaving IN THE LEAST and now I know I'm fine with that. I made it through 2 Outlanders, but they are all on sale at Audible today. Just sayin'.


I haven't read a book in ages, I have them read to me while I used my hands and eyes to sew or knit. Our local public library system "issues" them for free.

Don't be hard on yourself, it's difficult to find out about what you don't know until you find out you don't know it. Someone probably said that more elegantly than I did, possibly in cross stitch.


Late to the party, but FYI - I weave with 10/2 Tencel at all times of year with no problems. Summer - humid outside, but fiercely a/c'd in my studio. And winter - eh outside, and inside full of hot dry air. No problems with breakage.

And haven't read Outlander yet. On my radar, but hasn't made it to the top of the list yet and may never. :-)

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