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Caroline Morris

Well hello there. The last full size sweater I made started with two tiny rectangles at the shoulders and made me chuckle for quite some time.

It's good to see you, I hope that you make it through the month.


Blogging! What a shock! No, I'm not joining you (sorry). I will say I discovered a perfectly nice LYS just minutes from work yesterday, when I NEEDED another size 2 circ for a shawl I will cast on sometime in the next decade. I escaped with the circ plus one skein of yarn. I consider that sanity.


Those sweater patterns are solid choices. Indeed I went to Rhinebeck and bought....two skeins of sock yarn, one for me and one for the mister. Sil bought more and I helped her.


I love both of those sweaters! And perhaps not too surprising, I have yarn for both.
I had to laugh at your Bordeaux comment. We tend to match the food to the wine, not the other way around.

Marcia Cooke

I adored that Magpie Twee! Still have..and wear..the sweater I made from it.


This post just makes me so happy! I love reading your words (I hear your voice). At least you are knitting (and acquiring yarn). I wish to pet yarn but haven't even done that. (I need to talk to Kim.) Barrow sounds so hearty and warm. You are lucky to have a stash to dive into. Rowan Magpie is quite a find!


I miss our old blogging community so much!! I am SO happy to hear from you!

Elaine in NYC

Howdy! I felt confident you’d reappear this month. I think you’ll like the saddle shoulder. Short ribs are beginning to call to me. They predict a high of 42 this Saturday. Good thing I have sweaters.

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