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Spending time with your guests is just as important as serving them something wonderful to eat. I hope you find the right balance between the two for next year. Have fun weaving!


The older I get, the simpler I like to keep things. Time with your guests is the reason for the holiday.


Learned my lesson!



The Muse will still show up early and threaten the wine glasses with the big knife. Lesson: serve single malt before noon.

Elaine in NYC

Glad to were able to get some weaving plannedf/done. Don’t beat yourself up about not spending enough time with your guests. It’s enough you recognized that it happened. Perfection is overrated. Besides, the feast did not cook itself.


I am now “retired” from cooking Thanksgiving, but I do miss the leftovers! Wait...you have three looms?!


Your meal sounds like a delicious labor of love. Our host also has simplified her approach because of too much leftover food. Even some pies were winnowed. Making things easy on yourself will bring more joy when it comes to celebration time! Enjoy the weavecation! 3 looms!?

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