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Damn, I'm sorry you have to rip back, I hope you haven't gotten too far. What color did you get??


Barrow. Brown. Nice fabric.
It is what it is.


Jen A

IIRC, when I've done either the cable cast on in the past, I've used a crochet hook as my right "needle. Way too hard to pull the working yarn through in between stitches otherwise (although I suppose I could always try it with a less slippery needle such as bamboo; I usually use metal needles). Sorry about the ripping but good luck w/ the redo!

Elaine in NYC

Thanks for posting the list of languages. I’m too lazy to look up what I didn’t know. I’m tickled that you measured the swatch before washing. It paid a critical dividend. Also hoping the swatch was a larger size than the CO illustrations. The cable CO is definitely firmer than long-tail, but I actually prefer the purl bump side for the public side of the knitting when I do long-tail. I usually use cable CO for one-row buttonholes and for mitered squares. Also consider casting on in pattern.


When you said cable cast on was twiddly and fiddly I had to go and look it up to see what I've been doing all this time that I thought was a cable cast on. No, I was doing it right but I don't recognise the twiiddly/fiddly part.

I will share my current mantra "finished is better than perfect". There is so much it applies to, from turkey to knitting


I could have sworn I posted a long comment on your Mason-Dixon colorwork post, but I don't see it. It's entirely possible I hit Cancel instead of Submit. Or something.

It took me a moment to realize that you are not, in fact, knitting the Man Sweater in pink.


The cable cast on is my favored cast on for sweater knitting because it gives a solid edge and looks clean. I think you'll like it, too. Thank you for the language list and wondered which language you were using, but never thought to ask!

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