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Caroline Morris

By the time the socks have been washed and worn they will both be foot sized, blocking solves many ills. My hanging baskets of geraniums are still flowering, I bring them inside when frost is predicted and hang them out the rest of the time.


The plants will be fine. If not, oh, well, then you can buy more plants in the spring! Not a terrible hardship. Yesterday, the leaves on my biggest pawpaw were bright yellow and ready to fall. This morning, they are still hanging on, but now they're deep gold. Fascinating!


I brought in my begonias and Boston ferns weeks ago and hope they will survive the winter in my office at the library. Love your photos, I can never see enough beautiful plants and flowers.

Margene Smith

I love seeing your autumn blooming spectacle. We've had hard frost starting the first of October. The early winter has been a drag, truly. I've heard Addi flips are aggravating. I have been using CP bamboo from the beginning and see no reason to mess with what works.


I lost a beloved clivia to an early frost a couple of years ago. Fingers crossed for your tropicals!


We’ve had an unusually early frost here as well. The only thing surviving from the herb garden is the parsley and the sorrel, which is going to town,, somewhat inexplicably.

I tried knitting with the Flips and hated them also. I am and will always be a double point needle sock knitter.


We are staff to a pampered Meyer Lemon tree. So I do get it.

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