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Elaine in NYC

The soup sounds tasty. I tried one year and was disappointed by the thin flavor—guess I picked the frame too well. Having extra stock on hand would have helped. Brilliant use of the vacuum cleaner. Take a very deep bow! Next time maybe a cookie sheet under the pan? I looked at the recipe, which is way too ambitious for me.

Enjoy the weaving. Learning and problem-solving are good things. Onward!


Oh, I can just picture that triumphant whoop! I love this story, thanks for the morning laugh.


Mr. E and I agree that an N of one is not sufficient. Please conduct more experiments ad report back.


I can also hear that triumphant whoop! So glad you won that round and that the bread was delicious. You wouldn't be happy if you were quietly weaving. It is the problem solving you enjoy more than the action of the shuttle.


Probably time to change the HEPA filter...

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