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Grow more hot peppers?


Chipmunks are most certainly not cute! And neither are squirrels - not that we ever thought THEY were.


Ah, nature.

Margene Smith

At least your mystery was solved. I had no idea chipmunks were so cruel!


Our son recently asked for recommendations for air rifles and squirrel recipes...


Well, they have to eat, too. Just don’t get the bright idea to put seeds out for them or you’ll have the whole damn chipmunk clan.

Elaine in NYC

I respectfully disagree that chipmunks are not cute. Nevertheless, being destroyers is not cool. The coming freeze will, unfortunately, do what the rodents failed to accomplish. Say Kaddish for the flowers and knit on!


Are there 30 languages you can blog in?


Chipmunks are annoying. We used to have an entire colony in the hill behind the rock retaining wall. They would chirp CONSTANTLY if one of the cats were outside.

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