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Maybe he was just trying to put a face to what he does. Not sure about garbage guy tipping etiquette but my newspaper guy put a return envelope in the paper one day and I just stuck some cash inside and sent it back. I appreciate that he gets the paper on my doorstep every day. I hope it got there, but c'est la vie.


The only one I “tip” anymore is my mail carrier...he really goes above and beyond. I don’t tip the trash guys because I AM the trash guys!
Hope that cookbook wasn’t one I recommended 😏


We got a card from our trash guy as well but I didn't look at it as an attempt to collect a tip, I just thought he was being friendly. Glad the sweater worked out well!

Mary Lou Egan

I used to tip our "garbage kid" because he had to do it all manually, we tried to make sure the garbage was easy to deal with and he often took stuff that could have been an additional charge, but never was. Now we have the big company manual arm deal, and I can't imagine why I would tip them. (City choice, not ours.)


I was just having this conversation with a friend. We tip the crew from the cleaning company who come every two weeks all year long, and we tip our mail man, albeit reluctantly. We tipped his predecessor happily because she went above and beyond. We're not so happy with his frequently tardy deliveries and lack of attention (cramming large envelopes into the mail box vs bringing them up to the door like his predecessor did), but the pattern was established and he does leave us a card. I've never tipped the garbage company and won't start now for all the reasons you cited above. That, plus the fact that they seem absolutely oblivious to the inconvenience they cause when their truck drops the non-empty garbage container right in the middle of my driveway.


Your hesitation about tipping the garbage guy is legit. I don't tip ours, wouldn't even know how to do it. I don't tip our mailperson either, bc on the rare occasion I catch them, it's a different person every time.

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