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That all sounds SO good. Now I'm hungry!


I will send you a loaf of my Pullman bread next year: in spite of lots of broth and eggs, the stuffing made from it came out FLUFFY! Really good.


Deal! I have now learned that challah sucks for this.



Unlike Carole, I'm still full.

Cheryl S.

Since there were only 3 of us, one of whom is pescetarian, I went the easy route. I bought a small smoked turkey breast portion at the grocery store that I found by the hams. Costco provided the mashed potatoes, salad, and stuffing. Village Inn provided the pie. The only thing I made was vegetarian gravy. I was going to make vegetarian stuffing, but Larry wouldn't have eaten it anyway. But I kind of wish I had, since the stuff I bought was okay, but not great. Everything else was delicious, though. I loved the smoked turkey breast.


We had the turkey spatchcocked and Smith cooked it on the grill. It was ok, everyone liked it better than I did. I made a pie! It was really, really good! (GF crust by someone else.)


That pork sounds delicious. I wish I liked to cook, because I'd sure like to eat it.

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