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It really turned out pretty glorious after all, foliage-wise. The red maples were just spectacular. My Kousa dogwoods are just fading, and when those leaves drop, I’ll get full view of the new Norway Spruces. Meanwhile, the Leather Leaved Viburnums are in ful flower! Love fall.

Caroline Morris

This year I have filled my long planters with alliums at the bottom and summer snowflakes above with a couple of cyclamen on top for colour now. My cunning plan is to now ignore them and skip the summer bedding step altogether.


It sure has been a wet fall, eh? I always say I'm going to plant bulbs and then I just don't. And now it's probably too late again!


Trees, and many plants in general, are resilient. My lace maple was also topped by heavy snow. It is now a beautiful little, autumnally red orange, mushroom shaped mini tree.


Well, you've taught me what those bright red, funny shaped leaves trees are called. (There are gaping holes in my horticultural knowledge base).

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