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The question can be answered in many different ways depending on the tolerance of the person. Some of us live by the seat of our pants, list-less, encountering only occasional disasters, and recovering without much scaring. No balls, no fires, just sliding.


I used to be known for my list-making prowess, but these days...meh. Only when having company, and I don't entertain that much any more. I have a little antique chalk board on the wall of my kitchen and just make a simple to-do list for the week. Keeps me from forgetting anything major. Good enough.
As for that baby sweater, babies are strangely shaped creatures. I don't remember much about mine, but I do remember how hard it was to get those stumpy little flailing arms into any form of clothing :)


I use lists to keep myself from having to remember anything! LOL I think the big shoulder/armhole makes it easier to get the sweater on a squirming one year old. Ask me how I know!!!


I actually don't think the happiness/accomplishment question is a hard one. For me, happiness is independent of accomplishment. Some accomplishments bring happiness, but that sort of happiness is as short-lived as the happiness brought by the purchase of something new and shiny.

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