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Your in good company because I know a dozen knitters who knit many of their sweaters twice (or more). As long as you enjoy wearing it, whether at home or work, the sweater is a success. Good work! I hope this is not good-bye!! You must have more to say about your trip, and your spinning, and your weaving, and your knitting, and your yard, and well, everything else!


BRANDO IS DONE!!!!! Congratulations!


Nice! Must say (she who didn’t do the NoPloBoMo thing this year) I’m going to miss your posts 😢

Cheryl S.

Congrats on a finished sweater!

Even with good patterns, I often end up reknitting nearly the whole sweater twice. Sheesh.


What a fantastic way to end your month of blogging! Love the sweater and the story behind it, including your struggles with it. (Please keep blogging, though. Please?!)

Caroline Morris

I had to redo a sleeve once and looked at sleeve caps, there is no weirdness, the sleeve just has to be the same size as the hole it fits into. It is maths, not magic. Time has passed and I have forgotten it all.

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