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Blurple. A precise word. You may wish to know that a torta rolled via cheesecloth does not always roll perfectly smoothly onto the let-rest-in-fridge-for-48-hours plate. Humph. There may have been blurpling involved, alas.


My mother made gravy EXACTLY the same way, down to that damn Gravy Master! (I have no less than 3bottles in my pantry.) Or something called Kitchen Bouquet, which was apparently interchangeable. I taught her the Wondra trick after “mastering the art of French cooking” with Julia. My gravy base was done last week and is now thawing. ( Trick from Cook’s magazine: put rack near bottom of oven and put roasting pan on a pizza stone, for browner drippings.). Will let you know how that works!


My mom was a master at gravy and made it on the stove with the pan drippings but I'm like you and I make it ahead using pretty much the same technique. And always a smidge of Gravy Master!


This is my first year for make ahead gravy, although my recipe is VERY simple compared to yours (this is my first year for T-day dinner because I'm usually a guest somewhere else). In any case, I'm grateful for make ahead gravy, but yours is a cut above any gravy I have ever seen. I would love your gravy, too!!


Thanks for the image of the simmering turkey stock. Oddly satisfying.


That gravy sounds sooooo good, and the fridge Jenga is impressive!

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