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Pretty color!


So beautiful! I am watching the tiny, teeny little buds on my Christmas cactus and wondering if/when they will start to grow into blossoms. I am holding my breath and hoping soon.


Buy the mittlet kit, what the hell. (So I'm slow on commenting. I have knitting to do.)


NaBlah? NaVolt? NaNaNaNa?

Buy the other mittlet kit, too. More what the hell. Hope is the only thing keeping us alive these days.


And if you're going to knit two-thirds of the way up the fingers, just go the whole distance and knit the fucking gloves, OK?

Elaine in NYC

What Lynn said at 9:52 am!

Cheryl S.

Pretty! My two Christmas cacti have buds that are just starting to show color. One I bought cheap when it was not in bloom and I have no idea what color it is. The other is a start from Margene's plant that I potted up last year.


I got a "Christmas" cactus in bloom at WF last year, and thought I nearly killed it over the spring and summer. Then I moved it to a sunnier spot, and definitely revived! Now I'm anxious to see whether it will flower again... and when.


I stuck my Christmas cactus outside this summer under a bush and forgot all about it. As in, it's still out there. Despite what you said about not being able to kill them, I suspect that mine is a goner.

Adrienne S.

My Christmas Cactus, which I had at work no where near a window for many years, got renamed "Seasonally inappropriate cactus" by a coworker as it would randomly bloom whenever it felt like it. I brought it home and part of it died off, and I don't think it's figured out seasons yet, but it's at least a decade old and still going.


I have orchid cacti that blooms crazy.  And a nightblooming cereus, who only gets it right by blooming at night.  But at different times of the year. Are they abused children that I dont know how to take care of correctly?  I dont know.


That's alot of history wrapped up into a plant. Its quite beautiful, the plant.

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