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I am SO GLAD that you are not those people who glue the finished puzzle to cardboard to preserve it for [who knows what]. (Not that I ever suspected that you were That Kind Of Peopl.)

Caroline Morris

We used to do a puzzle on the run up to Christmas as a means of keeping the top of the breakfast bar clear of clutter


That's an amazing puzzle!


I've put together that exact puzzle! It was fun, hard, and so beautiful. I'm laughing that you had it put away by the time we arrived. During the winter months I have a puzzle set up to work on, but they usually take me months to complete. This puzzle was perfect commemoration of your week.

Cheryl S.

Margene lent that puzzle to my mother, and the two of us made it. Well, she did mostly - I just swooped in occasionally to do a few parts. It was a fun one!


My mom used to set up puzzles over the holidays. It always feels like something that goes along with cooking holiday dinners, decorating the house, shoveling the driveway, and spending the day with family playing games, telling stories, and........putt
ing together a jigsaw puzzle. Often it was the same one several years in a row.

There's something very satisfying about jigsaw puzzles, even if they're repeats. Must be the feeling of triumph over entropy.

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