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Marcia Cooke

Trying to remember stuff from the many classes I took with JMM...good luck with that. Do you have The Intentional Spinner? Some words of wisdom there re: using yarn for weaving, knitting, etc. JMM says 2-ply for weaving, 3-ply for knitting, esp socks. I seem to recall (from either SOAR or MDSW) that she liked to "overspin and under-ply...or was it the reverse? Probably the first, because you ply in the opposite direction and will lose twist. And whatever that yarn looks like fresh off the plying wheel, Judith's wet torture will transform it! I also remember from (can't recall her name, very famous) my first class was that singles for weaving have to have a LOT of twist. Probably need to be long staple fibers, spun worsted, too. If I find my JMM/Nancy Bush notes from the sock class, I'll get back to you....! (Small amounts might work in krokbragd (sp?) weaving. Take a look at some of your Yarn Jars....one of the wools is a single.


I bet your singles will knit up just fine - mine always seem to work out. And, you know, done is better than perfect.


You've made a nice choice for the beautiful gradient shawl. It may not be a "perfect" piece but it will be wearable and lovely, nonetheless.

Elaine in NYC

The colors are splendid. I hope you like the knitted result.

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