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Beautiful spinning. I'm quite sure I've forgotten how to ply in order to get the right amount of twist. I'm quite sure you remember. Do you watch the Tour as you ply?


I'm on the same team as you, Laurie! But I did start on July 1.

Plying, plying, plying.

I didn't have quite the mountain you describe, but enough to tie up all my free bobbins. Happy plying!! :-)


I feel like I remember when you bought this because I was so shocked it wasn't blue! And I agree on the center pull ball for plying - yarn vomit galore!


The second season of Man In The High Castle is good enough to compensate sitting through the first. Better option - I have Nancy a detailed plot summary of the first season and she loved the second.


Not blue! Oh, the horror! (But congrats on soldiering on.)


If not blue, at least purple! Even with missing a day, you will surely outshine many of your other teammates. Spin on!


Oh! I haven't even looked at the tour this year. I should have dusted off my wheel...

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