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I'm sorry for your loss.


So sorry!


So true.


I'm sorry about both of your friends. I appreciate your words today and will ponder them myself, it's an important lesson we all need to learn.


May the memories of your friends be a blessing to all who knew them. That's the best we can do, right?


Yes. And I'm sorry. The snowdrops will probably outlive all of us.


Laurie, my heart breaks for at the loss of two dear friends. I understand your feelings very well as I just lost someone I loved and admired greatly. Thank you for reminding us to treasure our days, our moments. Much love.

Caroline M

Every day is a blessing, one that those who are gone do not get to see. It's easy to remember that when looking at a fantastic sunset on a summer's day, less easy when you are shovelling snow. My brother in law died when he was forty and for him I try to see something wonderful in every day.


Hugs and sympathy. And empathy. And love.

Mary Lou

A lovely post. Sympathy on losing friends.

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