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Elaine in NYC

Corned beef? Yeah, I know what date is coming. Short ribs, baby!


SPA was lovely and made even more so by your presence. Enjoy your snow day!

Caroline M

Just for once I could send you over blue sky and bright sunshine. There's no need for a reciprocal weather transfer...


I like snow, too. Even more now that we have a snowblower.


If I had known, I would have asked you to give Judy a hug. I miss her!
Hoping you're comfy and cozy as the snow falls (and falls and falls...)

Marcia Cooke

Yay! An Etherknitter post! Glad you had a nice "snow day"....and hope you have someone to shovel for you. I'm personally thinking of moving to Florida.....


A winter fiber retreat, filled with great people, would be a lovely reprieve from the dark and cold. I'm very happy you didn't have to be out in the storm and that your day inside was warm and cozy (and yummy!).

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