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Hugs. You can do this!


Heck, at this point I'd finish it for you and suggest the possibility of wearing it as a headband style if your ears are cold :) Pretty color!


This situation is mirrored in every UFO bag sitting in "time out" in my closet.


Take heart. I have just ripped an entire shawl and cast it on again, because the test knit took too much yarn. I was in denial and finished it hoping it would be under my self appointed limit. It is not. Not even close. So here I am having cast on 550+ sts starting again with a revised pattern and smaller needles. These early rows are so damned long...


We've all been there with one project or another. My advice is just sit down and get it done.


Do it now.

Elaine in NYC

What Claudia said!

Caroline M

"Finished is better than perfect" Discuss.

Also - what Claudia said.


Yes, what Claudia said! You're running out of time, darlin'. Think snow!

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