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Pretty yarn. I stopped knitting for myself years ago. But the mister wears out his socks and insists on new ones.

Caroline M

I have enough socks, my husband thinks he has enough socks but the child always needs more. This is because he can't manage to get them into the washing basket.

My standard cuff is under 20 rows (17, 18, whatever I thought was enough on the first one)


I love those! Stunning against your leaves, too! Haven't made socks in ages, but just bought some sock yarn at WEBS, so there is a stirring in there somewhere.


Ahhhh, Bearfoot. Great yarn. Good job on the socks, I'm sure you are glad they are done!


Quick UFO to FO. So satisfying. I have that colorway deep in my stash. Love it!


Your feet look so cozy! The attrition rate in my sock drawer grew to the point I had to start knitting socks again!

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