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Caroline M

I've not been awake long and that's my excuse for reading the start of the last paragraph as "I will cut back dead animals". It took three attempts to boot up my error correction.

My lawn is covered in leaves, this is another year where I convinced myself that the grass had finished growing when it hadn't. By the time it's reasonable to make lawnmower noises it will be raining, too long to rake, too wet to mow.


Stop watching television. I had no idea countdown to Black Friday was a thing, and even if it is, I don't care. Black Friday is for digesting and eating leftovers, for a little weaving, a little spinning. Maybe a long walk, for that virtuous feeling.


I decorate for Thanksgiving on the day after Halloween. I also start listening to Christmas music but I don't subject others to it unless they want to listen, too. We pulled up the plants from the vegetable bed yesterday. I must plant the bulbs I ordered immediately!


Lack of frost, rain, or snow is what makes the leaves stay on so late in our part of the world. It is still warm enough here to work in the garden and go for long walks. I'm not sure we'll get much of a winter.


I thought you said you cut back the dead criminals. Not a bad idea, really.

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