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Sometimes I think you speak a different language. That is gorgeous, though, even I understand that!

Marcia Cooke

I'm with Carole....you DO speak a different language on occasion, although I also speak Weave and understood this :) But, yeah, I'll be happy if I get my 10-shaft extension hooked up in time to do Christmas gifts and my dyeing days are OVER. Want to see that scarf....bring to V, 'kay?

Amy N.

Yummmm! I do have the shafts and the computer....and sometimes I think I did better without.

Can you tell me who the weaver is? Just curious.

And I LOVE the way the beads are added. Food for thought...


Didn't you once say, "I will never weave"? Strike never from your vocabulary; it's easier that way.

Caroline M

I will never have twenty four shafts but I most certainly will dye my warps. I like the beads, let's see if I can remember that for another project.


A different language, indeed, but I can see the iridescent quality created by the hand-dyed warp. Beautiful! Yes, you can.


That is really beautiful. Is it a wearable?

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