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I'm glad you had fun! I just think Rhinebeck is exhausting. But there are vendors there that you don't see at other festivals.


Wait...what? A teensy Golding? More details! (Kinda sorry my friend didn't want to go...maybe next year.)


Sounds overwhelming and fabulous and awesome - just the way Rhinebeck should be!


I'm bummed I didn't see you. We were there both days.


So sad I missed you--I was there for a change soaking up fall and inhaling wool fumes. And thank you for inspiration for a post.


I've not been to Rhinebeck but you capture the overwhelmingness I imagined it to be! I'll look forward to seeing hat you make and to your post about Vavstuga!


My decision not to go was the right one, with a work month that is still in full court press, but your write up is so vivid it makes me wish it could have been different. Maybe next year!


I feel abashed -- The Alleged Muse


You took me right back to the year you and I were at Rhinebeck together. We held hands to keep warm as we walked to the spinning class (which helped us beat the crowd!). Thank you for taking me back to that great day!

Caroline M

It sounds as if you had fun. I'll wait to see the gradients that made the grade.


Same as it ever was. I do miss it.

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