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Caroline M

My lovely tiny maple went poof this week. I've been looking at the glorious colour for weeks and then suddenly it was all over the floor.


Ha! I escaped NaBloPoMo! Oh, darn. What a shame.


I figured I would attempt the lunacy again, but now I'm asking myself why do we do it? Because we've done it before and to not do it feels like failure? Because it's an accomplishment? Maybe I'll have an answer by the end of the month.

Marcia Cooke

You did it to me again....I need advance notice for NaBloPoMo! Should I? Lots of fodder these days. Great picture!


Yay for November!!


Yay! So good to hear from you!


I love reading in November. Keep it up! Go Cubs!


Hurray! So glad I'll get to see 31 posts from you!

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