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There's always next year.


I think you'll be fine in the hat. ( I haven't been in so long, I didn't realize people still did the Rhinebeck sweater thing!) Wait....WHAT? You blogged?!

Elaine in NYC

Fiber to spin, perchance?

Cheryl S.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you!


Enjoy Rhinebeck! I'm sure you will get plenty of hugs and joyful greetings even without the sweater!
(When I moved to NYS, I thought I'd finally be able to go to Rhinebeck. (So close!) But so far I've always been out of state at the critical time. Ironically, though, I've now been to a Maryland S&W, which I had always thought was an impossible dream, so Rhinebeck could definitely happen someday!)


It was so grand to have you here for a day! Wish I could be at Rhinebeck again with all my good friends. Hugs to all!


Its great to hear from you! Miss you. Dinner?


First Utah and now Rhinebeck? I am incredibly jealous but so glad you blogged.

Caroline M

It's so lovely to hear from you again. Go buy something that makes your heart sing when you see it.


Have fun at Rhinebeck, I'm jealous!

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