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Hooray! I love hearing what's going on with you and it sounds like you've been enjoying yourself AND keeping busy. Plus, DUDE. I know how many bobbins you have and you ran out? Wow.


Great to hear from you! I love the concept of comfort spinning. My wheel is in the corner of the living room, frowning at me due to non-use.


I hadn't spun in a long time - my wheel is currently stored in an outbuilding - but I bought a Turkish spindle at Maryland Sheep and Wool and have been happily playing (and plying) with it.
I think the only way to get completely organized and clutterless would be to get rid of all hobby materials, and spend the rest of one's life sitting quietly in a chair empty-handed. Who would want that? 8) (I am the antithesis of organized and cheerfully remain so!)


This is such a beautiful time of year and while it is a sweaty job to plant herds of pots, the rewards are amazing. Plying time will also bring great rewards-more bobbins to fill!

Marcia Cooke

You've inspired me to blog again (well, Vavstuga, duh) so maybe you'll inspire me to clean up my messy yard. (Just so afraid of poison ivy....)


I do not garden on your scale, but I did get the vegetable starts in and am currently celebrating the presence of Sugar Pie pumpkin seedlings. Things are slow on the fiber front--which happens when one undertakes to knit a twin XL blanket for college bound daughter.

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