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I'm glad you're happy with the program and if it's working for you then that's what happens. And I'm especially glad to know you haven't given up wine. The horrors!


No one should ever have to give up Mom's apple pie. Not for any reason.


Hmm, interesting. We shall talk.


Interesting, sounds scientific, and no, I don't hate you, but because you are non-draconian and said "since I didn't starve myself", I will definitely be gathering more info. from Dr. Ludwig. Yours is truly a unique comfort food list!


I saw the results and it looks good one you. It's a lifestyle change that isn't that hard to do (IMO). Enjoy your occasional treat...they're worth their weight....


Okay, I just requested his book from the library, the fact that I got my bread machine back from #2 son a couple weeks ago notwithstanding. His food theory is intriguing.


Thank you for bringing Dr. Ludwig's program to my attention. I bought his book and read it and it looks like a manageable diet. I'll be starting it after Easter. I know I would not be able to do Phase 1 over the holiday.

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