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You (along with Calvin and Hobbes) have a way with words. Release has so many connotations that I think you have chosen brilliantly. Looking forward ...


Release. I love this for you and can't wait to hear how you use it to guide you in the coming year.


Congratulations on exceeding your 2015 "goal". I have no doubt you'll have another banner year. 11 years...wow! We've been at this a long time.


"Focus word". Love it! Can't wait to see how "release" manifests.


I think I sent your the YouTube link to "F*** That" meditation..


Release? In what sense?


Release. I'm thinking in the 'unleash' sense. 8)
Happy blogiversary! (I was one of your readers before I started mine, and my eighth is coming up later this month.) Where does the time go?)


I like your 2016 word, and wish you success with the challenge it will pose to you.

Mary Lou

Happy 2016


You have spun a ton! I am mostly knitting from stash, though I did pick up a lovely 4oz of merino/silk to spin during a college visit with my daughter. I had just read about the concept of focus word before visiting you. Like it.

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