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I love that you used the word atavistic.


I'm SO ready for the Solstice! December is a wonderful month for connections (and food)!


I, too, love solstice celebrating. And all the light and spirit that goes along with it.


Oh, yes, to #9. And I love the solstice and the return of light.
Oh, and the cookies don't hurt, either...

Marcia Cooke

Regarding #5….have you checked the weather for later this week? (Okay, maybe 60 deg isn't technically a "heat wave"!) But many of your points have given me a new perspective on this holiday thing, so thanks.


I've been thinking about your #2 since yesterday. Too much spirit, like too much of many things, is just overwhelming to me, but I've never thought about it in the way you expressed it. People having a common focus that means something (good) to them is worthwhile and valuable. Thank you!

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