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Marcia Cooke

Yum. I had no leftovers, the downside of sitting on my ass and letting someone else cook that dinner! Well, okay, I had leftover homemade vanilla ice cream…..

PS Bloglovin has NOT been updating my feeds, so I had to go searching the past few days. And don't ask how the linen warp is going.


That sounds wonderful. Do you have a video of the slamdunk?


Any leftovers on Thanksgiving will forthwithly be made into soup. It's the only thing to do and it always tastes SO GOOD!


Okay, you have mentioned farro twice now, so I had to google it. Learn something new every day...

You have almost done it -- one more day!


Hurrah for soup! It's the perfect food for this time of year!
And hurrah for NaBloPoMo - and the end which is in sight! I think we can... I think we can...


Everything but the kitchen sink soups are wonderful. I'm with Carole- I want to see that slam-dunk too. ;-)

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