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That farro & mushroom salad sounds delicious! If you didn't buy pearled farro, you might want to soak it before cooking (it takes a while). I think pearled farro doesn't need soaking but I'll check.


Sounds like a great meal in the making - especially because you start with cranberry sauce!


I wish you luck! Cranberry sauce is the only reason to have turkey on T-day. Organized and ready to go! I can see that happening.


And the traffic is still fucked this morning - 1.5x the normal time just to get to work. Where are all these cars coming from?

Organization does not help create more hours in the day, I've found; it just helps me see EXACTLY how far behind I am.


Both recipes sound wonderful. A full report will be well-received. 8)


Heading out to pick up the ginger and citrus for the cranberry. One cooked, one not.

Love seeing your pics. Happy happy!


I'm making my cranberry sauce and the sweet potato casserole tomorrow. Unless there is any way to make mashed potatoes ahead (I think not).

Marcia Cooke

My cranberry sauce (my host, my son, is of the canned jellied persuasion) was made several days ago: cranberries, jalapeños, chopped candied pineapple, pineapple juice and sugar. I hope they hate it, heh, heh. Traffic yesterday was indeed horrendous, even at noon….I got caught in it trying to deliver a cranberry walnut loaf to a friend! Hope your Thanksgiving day goes perfectly!

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