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I like the tassels, but I have too many shawls already. Maybe I'll add tassels to one of them... That colorway is stunning, btw!


That looks like a Relax and Enjoy knit; the tassels just make it even more fun.
Of course, with yarn that gorgeous, you could just drape yourself in the skein and get oohs and aahs...


It looks a lot more blue knit up than it does in the skein. Either way it's beautiful and I bet it's lovely to knit.


The tassels make it, but OH THAT YARN! There is no such thing as too many shawls.


I am so far removed from knitting these days, I have no ide what you are talking about! Pretty yarn, though!

Elaine in NYC

What Margene said. Malabrigo makes my heart sing!


You do what you do with passion. That's the important thing.

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