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Maybe this will help: http://krazyawesome.com/knitmonster/grafting-kitchener-stitch.html


Oh, no, not a visible seam! The horror, the horror!

Just do it. Visible seams are not the end of the world. If you really don't like the way it looks, donate the hat to someone and knit yourself another one, with a provisional cast-on.


I'm not at home, so I can't give you the exact citation, but in KnitScene recently that had patterns requiring weaving of knits and purls in same row. There were wonderful diagrams...
Or Google it?
Good luck!


I puzzle it out as I go along - if the stitch is a knit stitch, the first time the needle enters it will be from the front; if a purl, then come from the back. And the second time the needle goes through the stitch: if it's a knit, then the needle enters from the back; if a purl, then from the front.
I wish you were right here - it's easier to show than to tell...


I'm with Lynn. :)

Caroline M

I'd cheat and work an extra pattern row in waste yarn. You then follow the path of the waste yarn with your needle. You're on your own with the other side..


Don't look at me...I don't knit anymore.


Just reading this made my head hurt. I wish you very good luck.

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