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Elaine in NYC

I love it--don't you dare frog it!

Caroline M

If you don't like it, put it in the gift heap because someone else will love it. It does not deserve to be recycled into a hat.


I hate too-small shawls. HATE. All that work, and ....nothing.


From here it looks lovely, but I understand about a too bulky shawl that will not settle. It's saving grace is it's warmth.


Looks like a lovely scarf to me... 8)


It's really pretty and a beautiful shade of blue (big surprise). I hope it works out for you as a scarf.

Marcia Cooke

The only shawl I've ever knit (really) was a Judith MacKenzie design and I used hand spun yarn. More like a kerchief. But, that's exactly how I wear it….around my neck, point in front. Play with it.

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