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You've got me back blogging again....can you re-ignite my interest in knitting?


You know my advice - finish the stuff you're already working on before you start something new.


I didn't realize until almost midnight that it was Friday the 13th.
Buy the pattern. Start what you want to start. Life is too short to spend it knitting something when you want to be knitting something else.


Volt. I was wondering about your Volt. Aren't you nearly finished? Wasn't there sometime about an i-cord? In any case, you really should start L'Enveloppe as it looks to be right up your alley.


I like Gayle's advice. Knit what you want to knit, with only occasional prods to work on something you "should" do. It's all knitting; just do it.


Just find some stash yarn that is a sweater's worth and make this (clearly less than a sweater). Then for sure you'll have enough.

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