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Baby clothes always look best with babies in them. I think it may be a law somewhere.
NaBloPoMo? Yikes! I hadn't even thought about it. Or that it being Nov 1st means that it's now November...


How wonderful just to see you here and even if you post 10 times this month it will be a joy to see more of you! The baby is going to look darling in that kimono.


That's a great baby sweater! And I really really hope you come along for the NaBloPoMo ride!


I'm looking forward to hearing from you this month!

That is such a precious sweater!

Caroline M

I've found that baby sizing can be more weird than that for adults. Given that babies come in such a range of sizes I suppose it's not surprising.

It's lovely to see you again.


Great to hear from you, however often you decide upon.

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