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Well, the actor who played Matthew wanted to leave the show so he could pursue other opportunities. I think that didn't work out so well for him or for the Crawley family.


Ah, plumbing. Plumbing lives in some alternate universe where logic does not exist. This makes repairs more time- and money-consuming than can be rationally explained.
Do the Niebling. It will restore the parts of your brain that plumbing is nibbling at.


The universe would be a better place without excessively hellish heat, humidity, and difficult plumbing. Glad you had some good things to counterbalance the less than fun stuff.


It takes a few tries to find out exactly what it is the toilet wants. Eating fresh from the garden is what makes the heat of summer worthwhile. QD is impressive! You'd really enjoy the stimulus.


I agree - that season of Downton was a bummer. I was depressed for a day or so after that! It does get better though - I promise.


We have a toilet that needs fixing, too. You are right - it should be simple but it's not! That ending of DA was a drag but it gets better, you should give it another chance.


I will knit that shawl with you. Also, I need to move to Scotland, where the weather in August was refreshing and nicely damp and the hedgerows were full of foxgloves. I cannot deal with 90-degree weather anymore; my body aches.


I put QD in my Rav favorites, thinking that (someday) one of my sons will decide to get married -- need to find a woman first -- and that QD would be a gorgeous wedding shawl.

Ahh, dreams...


That is some shawl right there. Are you sure there won't be much gnashing of teeth and wailing?

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