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I also liked the science and math in The Martian, but it's too bad Mars really was out to kill Mark. The Ski House cookbook sounds good even for those of us who don't ski, so I just placed a hold at the library. Sausage, spinach, and ricotta calzones for dinner next week!


I love to read and re-read Annie Dillard. One of my all-time favorites!


So nice to have a post from you! I've been thinking about going back to Fitz's world, but haven't quite found my way. Your first book sounds a little like my experience with religion. Your list is interesting and eclectic.


I have The Martian on order at the library. Certainly I haven't read anything like it before which is the main draw.


The Living by Annie Dillard is one of my favorite novels.


I feel like maybe I didn't give The Martian a fair chance but yeah, it did get a little ridiculous with all of that stuff happening and yet it still ended okay. Highly improbably! Love Annie Dillard! So what's next? The Golem and the Jinni?


Did you Google the author of "Proof of Heaven?" There's some room for doubt there. We had a more interesting book group discussion than I expected over that book.


I'm still grateful that you introduced me to the world of Fitz! I've read the Rain Wilds and the first Fitz trilogy - looking forward to the second.
I'll have to go look up Annie Dillard. Haven't read any of hers yet.
And I like The Martian. Quite a bit, as I recall. Incredulity and all...

kathy b

OH Ski house cookbook looks great!

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