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I like the tracks in the snow idea but we have no snow, sadly. Also, short ribs - do you have a great recipe? I had these last year at the restaurant we went to Saturday night in Freeport and they were amazing and I've sort of been dreaming about making them ever since.


mmmmmmm, short ribs.


You're in your element so, of course, you'd have a great list of ideas to keep the bleak away. It is beyond gray and dreary here in Utah this year, but I hear fresh snow is now adorning the slopes! Short ribs and red wine...what a great idea.


I'm with you. Of course, I am. Winter is the best time of year for so many things. Besides, the sun never seems brighter than on a sunny snowcovered hill.


Good list!! I hope you hit the slopes up north this year. :)


Knitting and weaving and spinning? Yes please.
All that with some hot chocolate would be lovely. Great list!


Great list! (For those who don't mind going outdoors in the cold) (I'll be fine as long as I don't look out the windows...)
While making decadent hot chocolate, try making your own marshmallows. It's lots easier than you'd think, and so very very tasty!

Elaine in NYC

Funny you should mention short ribs--made a good-sized batch last night and de-fatted this morning. Tonight will be a major cold-weather feast--yum!!!


I absolutely will cook short ribs! I mean to, and then I never do.


I am working on getting back into exercising.


Short ribs! They've been added to my menu ideas for the week; my family and I thank you!

Caroline M

We all like turkey chilli, even those of us that supposedly don't like beans. I make it in the slow cooker and put the majority of it in the freezer.

My dog walking attire is handknit socks, sweater, scarf, hat and gloves - the full set on your list.


I have made chili (and cornbread). I have knit and spun and woven. I am planning a trip to Scotland this summer. All the handknits? They're on me. I have indeed looked at the tracks in the snow, if only to figure out whether it is mice or flying squirrels who are rumpusing in my attic (inconclusive evidence so far). I also took a lovely walk in below zero weather to get coolant for my allegedly overheating car, only to find it had plenty of coolant, but the thermostat had died.

In short, I have done my damnedest to check off your list and yet, this damned winter is still BLEAK. BLEAK, I tell you.

Harrumph, I say.


If winter wasn't as brutal (I'm tired of the twenty-below temps), I might like it a bit.


Ahhh. Chili. I might have to make some. I might even break out of my usual chili recipe rut. And short ribs, now that they are trendy food, it's hard to find them cheap. The Asian market here has them in huge quantities, at good prices. Braised short ribs, yum. Now I'm hungry.

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