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Wonderful goals - do everything with joy! And excellent word choice, too.


This is a great word for you. This is a great word for me too. Mindfulness practice is wonderful. Hard but very important.

Those condensed knitting/spinning/weaving goals made me laugh.


Thank you for the gift of Brain Pickings. You are such a treasure!


Excellent goals, exactly I'll plan for myself. Maybe a sweater, maybe finish my sewing...enjoy the process, that's how to do it.
I am learning to practice mindfulness and to not measure myself against the accomplishment of others. I am only me.


I've been thinking along these lines a bit lately. My conclusion (suspicion) is that one of the reasons childhood summers seemed so long is precisely that did live in the moment. When we grow older and lose this in favor of living in past, present and future, simultaneously, we also begin to lose the ability to remember. Time gets scrambled and moves in triple time. I will join you in this word. PRESENSE

Off to find Brainpickings.

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