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That last part made me smile. Thanks for that! I don't have an iPod anymore (broke) and there isn't any music on my phone. I hope I'm not disqualified as a friend.


Your analogy about iPods and genetics is awesome and totally YOU. Also, love me some baroque.


A Winter's Solstice II. Such a great CD.


Love your analogy. Perfect and totally reasonable. Shuffle produced a strange conglomeration. Not something I would choose for myself. A reminder that I could do a bit of housekeeping.


Love your musing on the ipod!


I love owning iPods. We have all the old varieties set up in rooms of the house, fully loaded and ready to play. Of course, you're right about parentage and development. To each his own. (However, I would enjoy listening to your mix.)


You DID. On the way to Rhinebeck.



Lovely shuffle. I find myself wondering what you would knit with those selections, at least the non exercise ones.

I miss my iPod. Turns out they really don't want a drink of water. iPad mini does the job and then some, but iPod was so much easier to tote around.

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